The most popular and powerful photography package that we recommend is Adobe’s Creative Cloud photography plan (11.9chf / month), which includes both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lightroom Classic is the most used photography software that manages the full process: Firstly, it imports your photos from your memory card and saves them into correct locations. Secondly, it helps select your favorites, organize them and add tags. Thirdly, its powerful and simple to use develop module allows you to edit your photos with easy controls. Finally, with the export module, it creates a final image in the correct formats for social media, web upload or print.

Photoshop doesn’t need much introduction as it’s the most powerful photography editing software around. It works perfectly hand in hand with Lightroom, as LR can send photos to Photoshop for advanced edits and Photoshop sends the photo back to Lightroom once you’re done.

You can register to our Lightroom course or to our Photoshop course to learn how to use these super useful software.